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with Victoria (Vikki) Hanchin

2010 Blessings from a Blue Moon

A Blue Moon—a second Full Moon in the same month—occurs as we transition out of 2009 on New Year’s Eve, and launch into 2010. What is the significance of that link-up for us humans? What might this occurrence portend for 2010? I asked my dear friend, SisterGoddess and astrologer, Lilan Laishley, PhD, (www.laishley.com) to illuminate my understanding. Lilan likes to work with the cosmic influences of the relationship between the Sun and Moon, because their connection mirrors the dance of the Masculine and the Feminine within us and on the planet. She explains that mythically and psychologically speaking, the Sun is a person’s King, the part that uses clarity of consciousness to take empowered action. And the Moon is a person’s Queen, the part that uses deepened inner awareness and intuition to take compassionate action. At the time of a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon “stand across from each other in the sky, aligned in perfect balance.” So each monthly Full Moon offers a different opportunity to create a balance between our inner Kingly Sun and Queenly Moon, to “develop a marriage of harmony” between these two great creative forces that are within each human being and every living thing. Only in this final month of 2009, do we get two chances to do so. Well then, it makes perfect sense to me that December’s second Full Moon on New Year’s Eve—the Blue Moon—is heralding our attention as we transition into 2010. It is amplifying, doubling the message to attend to the need for balance between the Masculine and the Feminine within all humanity, and in behalf of the future of all life, as a focus for this New Year. Synchronistically, this message of restoring balance to the planet through restoring right-relationship between the Masculine and Feminine is a personal passion of mine, and the mission of a group I am involved with, called “Women Waking the World.” It turns out that we are launching our website (www.womenwakingtheworld.com) in time for the Full Moon of January 30, 2010. Be sure to check out our web-portal to connect with the world-wide goings-on, as women wake up, connect to their essence, their passion, and mobilize in behalf of the planet, and as men of heart do the same. Then, on that same January Full Moon, come to the first Pittsburgh “Awakening Women Café,” where we will inquire into the topic, “What Happens When Women Wake Up?” (See web announcement for details. A summary of this conversation café will be posted on this website). And have a Happy and balanced 2010.

In Peace, Vkki Hanchin.

Written by
Victoria (Vikki) Hanchin, LCSW