The Seer and The Sayer

Learn how we are already co-creating the predicted Golden Age of a New Earth of harmony and beauty.

In this true story, witness with Victoria and her adventurers the ongoing revelations presented by the aware intelligence of Nature and Creation.

Join with them as they accept Mother Earth’s invitation to enter into a consciousness of Oneness, to become the eyes and the mouthpiece for the New Earth being revealed to them: a New Earth where all life participates as conscious co-creators, writing the next story of creation together.


Awakened Women Igniting Global Transformation

A new and growing sisterhood of women is waking up to their power to transform our world.

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"I AM the grace beyond striving"

Hand-made frameable print. $13.00 Shipping/Handling $3.00
Since these prints are hand-made and hand-processed, please allow 4 weeksfor delivery

The story behind "I AM the grace beyond striving" : It is true. Magic Happens. And when it arrives, it lights us up. Even, sometimes, when we don’t “believe” in it. We are in fact, wired for en-light-enment. Our bodily wiring tingles, bubbles, expands and sings in the presence of greater truth. Knowing this, I offer you my most recent experience of “magic” with the back-story and text of the extraordinary wisdom message I recently received in meditation,  “I AM the grace beyond striving.”

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