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with Victoria (Vikki) Hanchin

Falcons, Bats and the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh

What do Peregrine falcons and bats have to do with the G-20 Economic Summit in Pittsburgh PA, USA, September 24-25, 2009? Well, amazingly, a personal encounter with a Peregrine falcon and seven bats succeeded in providing the answer.

I was doing my walking meditation. As I walked, I was focusing on an intention—one that is coordinated globally by a local group of Pittsburghers —  for a peaceful G-20 Economic Summit here in Pittsburgh, and for the G-20 to be the catalyst for humanity’s oneness, serving the greater good of all (read more) That’s when I heard the distinct call of a Peregrine falcon close by. These nearly extinct birds have a protected nest at the local University of Pittsburgh.

I was surprised when the falcon landed in the tree right where I had stopped to look for it. We gazed silently, intently at each other for 15 minutes. Then inwardly, I set the intention to understand why it had come to connect with me this way. I looked back up at it and asked from my heart, “what do you want me to understand?”

At that exact moment this Peregrine falcon began its eerie, alarm-sounding screech. It did not stop for another 15 minutes, as we continued our mutual gaze. In my heart, I felt the compelling understanding of its message: Humanity’s imbalanced industrial development pushed these Peregrine falcons to near extinction. Through humanity’s concerted protection, they are making a comeback. This falcon’s unrelenting screeching seemed a reminder that we are all in this One Life together—including the animals and Mother Earth. “Please,” it seemed to plead, “include us in your worldwide economic plans. We are here too. We are affected by all you do. All life is One.”

I was reminded that this G-20 Summit is a significant choice point for humanity—and for the planet. As the G-20 world leaders and the world’s attention converge in Pittsburgh, we have a unique collective opportunity: to choose to direct that attention with intention, to support humanity’s interconnection and the greater good of all life; or to support continued separation and divisiveness.

A few days later, during my next walking meditation, I was surprised with a visit by seven bats, dancing and darting overhead. I stood in stillness looking up at them. Once again, this prolonged connection seemed intentional, since I could not see any of the expected swarming bugs overhead for them to feast on. From my heart, I asked the bats the same question, “why are you connecting with me now—what is it you want me to understand?”

Immediately an answer came.  I realized that the Indigenous Seneca see animals as “creature teachers.” In their world view, the bat represents “rebirth.” This understanding is also held by Indigenous Central Americans such as the Aztec, Toltec and Maya.

Then I was able to “connect the dots.” The Mayan Calendar addresses 2012 as the predicted time of the rebirth of humanity—into a transformed consciousness of Oneness. I got chills. The bats were a reminder of this time of rebirth.

May humanity choose the highest path of transformation—of rebirth– in behalf of the One Life that we all are, as the G-20 mobilizes our attention globally. After all, 2012 isn’t that far away.

Written by
Victoria (Vikki) Hanchin, LCSW