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Got Joy?

2011 will be a pivotal year: do we stay stuck in polarization and fear, or breakthrough into love and joy?

As our nation soberly takes a moment of silence to grieve the hate-fueled Arizona shootings, and other such destructive scenarios, we ponder how to bridge our polarized differences. “Reality,” at the surface, feels grim and perhaps hopeless to many. Yet under the surface is another force…the unstoppable current of joy. It is up to each one of us where we place our most passionate focus.  What we focus on is what we energize and bring forth.

So make it GOOD, honey! Got joy?

There’s a New Story Wanting to Be Told

There’s a new story wanting to be told on Earth beyond the story of greed, domination, and polarization that we hear continuously on our news. It’s a story of joy, interconnection and unity for Earth. You can feel its subtle presence, if you tune in, just under the surface of the loud blaring news-feeds of TV. It is growing more and more noticeable, like soft humming, like a song trying to be remembered, and the melody is easier to recall than the words.

More and more people are remembering the melody of this new song of joy.

The words are becoming more clear too…words like compassion, sharing, understanding, stewardship, respect, peace….

Listening for the Song of Joy

Some people have dedicated themselves to listening, to peeling away the obscuring layers of distraction so that all can hear the joy song of the new story for Earth that wants to be remembered, to be told, to be lived.

The Indigenous peoples have been devoted Keepers of this song of joy and harmony for the Earth, have kept the humming audible over centuries… Indigenous peoples like the Native Americans, the Tibetans, the Vedic tradition keepers of India, the Maya, the Aboriginal Australians.The Maya have been keeping this joy melody of Creation alive in their Mayan Calendar “Long Count” of 5,125 years. Their prophecies sing about a great human rebirth, occurring on December 21, 2012.

Tuning in to the Joy Station on the Cosmic Radio

Meanwhile, more and more modern Listeners are doing their best to tune into the frequencies of the Joy Station on the Cosmic Radio also.

Here in Pittsburgh, PA, for example, we have a non-profit group called “Dream of the Earth.”(www.dreamoftheearth.org <http://www.dreamoftheearth.org/

>  ). They trace the cosmic trail of evolution forward  from the Big Bang of the Universe, tracking how that original stardust has evolved perfectly, steadily, magnificently, over billions of years, into… “US.” They share stories from the inspired cosmological science of Brian Swimme, and from the moving “geo-theology” teachings of Thomas Berry. 

In their collaboration with First United Methodist Church’s “Planetary Ball,” those gathered danced and sang this joy chant by Gail Ransom:

      “We are, we are, we are STARDUST! We are, we are, we are FIRE!       We are, we are, we are STARDUST, we are LOVE!!”

Does this song help you remember who you more deeply are, and what you were created for? Does it remind you of the miracle that you are?

The 26,000-Year Due Date for the New Human is Arriving

Here in Pittsburgh we also have the rich work of Indigenous teachers Miguel Sague and Antonio Aj IK (www.mayatainoprophecy.webs.com<http://www.mayatainoprophecy.webs.com/

> ), each of whom has grown up with deep knowledge of the Mayan Calendar and its message for our times. On their web site, they have made this inspiring and hopeful information accessible and simple. Through their work, they are helping us remember the ancient melody of joy, this steadily unfolding miracle, counting our due date for the December 21, 2012 birth into the consciousness shift of the New Humanity and the New Earth. This birth date is the culmination of a gestational period for birthing a new paradigm of human consciousness: of our unity with divinity, our recognition of the oneness of all life, our capacity for joy and intentional co-creation.

This amazing gestational period for the New Human is not the usual pregnancy period of 260 Earth days, but is the Cosmic pregnancy period of 260 centuries, or 26,000 years. This birth into the collective awakening of our co-creative participation with Life has taken 26,000 years to grow and ripen. As we emerge into this leap of higher consciousness, it will allow humans to feel at home in the New Earth of Joy…to remember the words to the joy songs, to create together a world of unity and joy that experiences all Life as interconnected.

And in the Yucatan of Mexico, another Indigenous Mayan teacher and spiritual leader, Ac Tah, is beginning to emerge with a U.S. Tour. We are hoping to bring Ac Tah to Peaceburgh in March. Joy is the focus of his tour– to show us how we can recalibrate to receive joy, through teachings and practices revealed to Ac Tah by his Mayan spirit ancestors. His work helps each individual connect with their personal frequency of joy.(http://www.actah2012.com/


Does joy seem to be the theme for 2011?

These frequencies of joy are surfacing in many places, many ways, through many Listeners, to assist the emergence of the new story of the New Earth…because it is time. 

What is the New Earth?

My understanding of The New Earth is that it represents humanity’s shift from the love of power to the power of love…. Shifting from a consciousness of separation to a consciousness of unity… Living from a balance of the masculine and feminine within us and among us…. Seeing our individuality as unique expressions of one great Life Force with which we are in co-creative partnership… Contributing our gifts, talents and dreams for the joy, fulfillment and flourishing of all life…Co-creating through this deep listening and receptivity, aligned with “what Life wants to have happen,”  to bring forth abundance for all as we care for Mother Earth.

What is your sense of the New Earth? What humming are you present to, as the strains of the joy songs subtly arise from beneath the blaring of the loud news-feeds of terror codes and divisive politics? Keep listening….

Grandmother Flordemayo’s Crystal Skull Teachings

Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo (flordemayo.us <http://flordemayo.us/> ), of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers (www.grandmotherscouncil.org<http://www.grandmotherscouncil.org/>  ), was here in “Peaceburgh” recently to share about her wisdom lineage of the ancient Crystal Skull teachings. She shared that the ancient skulls “are coded with the frequencies of unconditional love and unity, to bring forth all we need to make this shift” into the New Earth of joy. She taught us one of her assistant’s– Ms. Imani’s– songs of joy called, “We Have a New Way to Walk on the Earth.” This song described humanity’s accelerating collaborations, walking together joyfully, on behalf of love, respect, peace, freedom, harmony, abundance, kindness, understanding. (mzimani@gmail.com <mailto:mzimani@gmail.com>  andhttp://www.mzimani.com/ <http://www.mzimani.com/

>  )

Then Grandmother Flordemayo taught us the “Dance of Unity” that she saw in a vision related to Peaceburgh. She said, “I saw the 13 Grandmothers doing this “Dance of Unity” in the Heavens. Dancing behind us were the masses of humanity. This Unity has been done in the Heavens. Now each of you must continue this dance on Earth, to anchor this Unity here.” And then Grandmother Flordemayo left me with a Skull– a Peaceburgh Community Skull– to anchor intoour community these frequencies of unity and love, so that we might send them forth from here. And Flordemayo reminded us that Peaceburgh’s  3(4) Rivers are a portal that magnify these intentions and frequencies of joy, unity and love. (see archived articles athttp://www.wholepersonwholeplanet.com <http://www.wholepersonwholeplanet.com/

>   about the Mayan Elders’ 2007 visit here)

Songs to remember the story of joy…ancient teachings of the power of love… heavenly dances to anchor Unity on Earth. Are you Listening?

Communities of Unity 

In Pittsburgh we also have an inspiring “community of unity,” devoted to bringing forth this New Earth of unity and joy. This group, “The Peaceburgh Transformational Leaders,” was recently identified and honored by a ceremony I created as a community tribute.  This tribute showcased the “10 Pathways of Unity in Action” represented by these leaders’ visions, missions, and work. It is the intention of these Transformational Leaders to grow our Peaceburgh Community of Unity by continuing to identify others we know who are doing the work of unity, and to honor them as our “Transformational Partners”

(learn more at http://www.peaceburgh.net <http://www.peaceburgh.net/

> )

What would it be like if every community began to notice, honor and collaborate with those who can hear the songs of joy, who are in action telling the story of the New Earth? (contact me to learn how, vikki@wholepersonwholeplanet.com <mailto:vikki@wholepersonwholeplanet.com

> )

Ceremonies of Joy 

Very recently I had a dream where I was walking the Earth with a male soul-friend , and we were doing a ceremonial walk to plant the seeds of joy everywhere. I was shown that it was necessary that this be done by a female and a male together, so that the sacred partnership of the divine feminine and the divine masculine would be a foundational part of this story of joy of the New Earth.

I invited my soul-friend to join me, to actually do what this dream showed. And so we have begun doing these ceremonies of joy, in the spirit of sacred partnership, following our respective guidance received from deep listening. We are discovering a shared feeling that “it is done.”  We are present to the power of intention and choice as the laser beams, for co-creating with Spirit, the story of joy that wants to be told, to be heard, to be lived on the New Earth.

Come Weave a Web With Me

Another of my visions for 2011 is to create a June 11/12 Ceremony of Unity here in Peaceburgh, celebrating a reunion of the Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and honoring  the Indigenous wisdom ways as “portals to a transformed world”…which was chosen as the theme for a national  ACEP Energy Healing conference, integrating Indigenous wisdom and modern healing practices (www.energypsych.org <http://www.energypsych.org/

> ) . More news about that later.

What can you do to bring forth the songs of joy for this story of the New Earth in 2011? Whatever it is, large or small, make it GOOD, honey!! Whatever we do, on whatever scale, we will be assisted. This was shown to me in a dramatic way.

In one of my recent collaborations with a Mohawk Grandmother, Grandmother Dona, we were following our deep listening in partnership with Spirit and Nature at the Serpent Mound in Ohio. I was gifted with a joyous song from the Nature

Spirits there. I wish that I could sing it to you, the tune is so joy-filled. But I will have to be content with leaving you with their words, which confirm that we are not bringing forth this New Earth alone, and that Joy is definitely the theme of the New Earth story. Here is their song to us:

 “Come weave a web with me,  a rainbow web of harmony,  Come weave a web with me.

  Come weave a web with me,  beauty for all to see,  Come weave a web with me.

  Weaving, weaving, weaving a New Earth Dream  Weaving, weaving, weaving a New Earth Dream.

   Come weave a web with me,   fulfillment, joy and ecstasy,   Come weave a web with me.

   Come weave a web with me,   Life expressing unity,   Come weave a web with me.

   Weaving, weaving, weaving a New Earth Dream,   Weaving, weaving, weaving a New Earth Dream.”

So I invite you to keep tuning in to the Joy Station, no matter how loud those toxic news-feeds blare! 2011 is THE time to breakthrough to joy and strongly establish its presence within the new story of the New Earth. Our 2012 rebirth is around the corner. So make it GOOD, honey!

Much Love and Joy to you,Victoria (Vikki) Hanchin

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Written by
Victoria (Vikki) Hanchin, LCSW