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The Shift is Hitting the Fan: Tuning in to 11-11-11

Well, dear co-journeyer on this great human adventure, I am pleased to report that, as a comic (and cosmic!) visionary has aptly declared, “the Shift is hitting the fan!” (from “Swami Beyondananda,” aka Steve Bhaerman, www.wakeuplaughing.com ). Even though global events appear mostly grim and chaotic at the surface, something awesome is happening below the radar. Millions of humans are becoming aware of our interconnection and Oneness. Consciousness is shifting. And I have gathered persuasive evidence of that to share with you.

This Indigenous- predicted 2012 great “Shift of the Ages” is truly about humanity realizing that we are wired with divine essence, and that we have a choice: to wake up and recognize our capacity to collectively co-create a world of unity and joy that works for all, or to stay asleep following the current unsustainable path of separation and greed and succumb to fears and the media-promoted version of 2012 destruction and doom.

This choice is ours; we simply need to commit to which world we want to inhabit. Then we must correlate our personal actions to that vision, and collaborate with others of like heart and mind. Our collective choices create the tipping point—in one direction or the other: separation/destruction or unity/greater good.

Finally more of humanity is choosing unity and we are close to that tipping point. And it appears that all of this is right on schedule, according to the evolution-tracking wisdom of the ancient 2012 Mayan Calendar. (You can read a moving astrological analysis of this “uprising of unity consciousness” as it correlates with author Carl Calleman’s understanding of the Mayan Calendar, from astrologerCarol Ciocco (For the ancient tradition of the Mayan Calendar, see Miguel Sague’s website, www.mayatainoprophecy.webs.com ).

Evidence of the “Shift of the Ages” Hitting the Tipping Point

To see evidence of the massive global movement towards the choice for the greater good, it is necessary to look beneath the blaring news-feeds of the mainstream media. They focus on fear, divisive melodrama and violence… because “it sells.” In fact, it is helpful not to overly identify with that version of the superficial parade of “reality,” and to shift focus to below the radar.

Below the radar you will notice evidence such as what Paul Hawken documented on his YouTube video from his Bioneers environmental conference talk. He reports that the largest grassroots movement in all of history is happening right now. It is occurring worldwide, in every nation city and town, and it is not led by any central figure. It is a spontaneous, unstoppable uprising of non-profits, NGO’s and groups focused on serving the greater good, inspired by the Environmental, Social Justice and Indigenous movements….This is a great portrayal of that prophesized “uprising of 2012 unity consciousness.”  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1fiubmOqH4 )

Hawken forgot to mention the enormous contribution of the Women’s Movement’s to this global transformation, but I independently discovered that parallel process and documented it myself. It fits exactly with Hawken’s report. (see “Awakening Women Igniting Global Transformation,”  athttp://www.wholepersonwholeplanet.com/store.htm.

Hawken shows that it would take days of continuous viewing, just to watch an online streaming list of the names of these transformational organizations. He says that the word ”movement” is too small to describe what is happening: “It is a world view…it is the coming world!” But our mainstream media isn’t noticing this mega-phenomenon at all.

What Does “Occupy Wall Street” Have to Do  With It?


A sampling from the month of October, 2011, shows detectable evidence of “The Shift.” The “Occupy Wall Street” movement gained momentum in 100’s of U.S cities, with the “99%” standing up to confront the greed and corrupt actions of the “1%” that controls 98% of the global wealth—and whose decisions do not serve the greater good. By October 15, the movement had the support of thousands (millions?) more people in almost 900 cities worldwide, who on that same date, stood in solidarity with America’s “99%.” That movement continues. Here in Pittsburgh, PA, we have our own Occupy Pittsburgh contingent that is quite impressive, articulate and peaceful.

This is an important mass awakening, but something is missing. It is a well-known spiritual and energetic truth that what you focus on you energize with your attention, so that is what magnifies and grows. We are waking up to what we don’t want — and it is imperative that next we quickly get clear and focused on what we want instead. Our attention is powerful….in fact, it is creative. As in creating a new reality.

 So, what do we want? Perhaps it is best summarized as letting go of our limiting consciousness of separation, and instead realizing our Oneness.

What Is Oneness?


Oneness is the now scientifically confirmed spiritual truth of the interconnection of all life. It is recognition that there is only One Life expressing…and we are each unique interdependent facets of that vast, interconnected Universal Life.

 In service to “Oneness,” on that same October 15, Barbra Marx Hubbard held a free global teleconference call, followed by over 43,000 online listeners. Marx Hubbard is an “evolutionary visionary” in her 80’s ( ! ), and her event was called “Birth 2012: The Day of Convergence.” Her vision is to gather humanity’s actions to converge them into “a larger evolutionary movement, each giving our greatest gifts to co-create a Shift for our world.”  In that call, she and other internationally known planetary transformers discussed humanity’s accelerating momentum into oneness, higher consciousness and commitment to bring forth a world that works for all. (www.Evolve.org). October 15 was a HAPPENING day!

Still in October, on the 24th, another online offering was held by “The Shift Network,” (www.theshiftnetwork.com )collaborating with “Humanity’s Team” (described as “a civil rights movement for the soul”). This was a day-long series of free conference calls for Global Oneness Day (synchronized with UN Day), with dozens of planetary visionaries and transformers offering wisdom, inspiration and practices in support of humanity’s choice for unity. Their online Oneness activities were joined by many other local ground-level events globally.

The Shift Network and “Humanity’s Team” of over 60,000 global collaborators also offer a  “Declaration of Oneness” that begins with the statement:

“I declare that the message, “We Are All One, inter-related, inter-connected and inter-dependent, with God/Life/One-another,” is the one spiritual message that the world has been waiting for to bring about loving and sustainable answers to humanity’s challenges.”

(you can read and sign this declaration at) http://humanitysteam.org/sai/oneness-petition/what-is-it

This “Declaration of Oneness” pledge will be delivered to the United Nations with 100,000 signatures. This is yet another grassroots, people-to-people movement. The Shift IS hitting the fan!!

Also occurring on this Global Oneness Day was a noteworthy space event. NASA reported the October 24, 2011, 2pm EDT, Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) or Solar Flare that unleashed an intense geomagnetic storm on Earth (www.spaceweather.com ). Twenty-seven states in the US, and parts of Canada witnessed rare all-red aurora borealis night skies. Many  Indigenous tribes pay deep attention to such “sky language.” The Maya understand that humanity is sent impulses of guidance from our “Great Central Sun.” We might wonder what the Heavens are contributing to our “Shift?”

What is this “11-11-11” thing?

Many more thousands are preparing for the imminent 11-11-11 unity events that are occurring locally, globally and online on November 11, 2011, for 11 minutes at 11:11 am.  The number 11 is seen as a “Master Number” representing the transformation of the physical into Divine consciousness– the bridging of duality and Oneness. Planetary visionaries see this date and its numerical energetic frequencies as opening a powerful portal into the “core Heart of Creation,” consciously anchoring the grid of Divine Love into the planet. (see Patricia Cota-Robleswww.eraofpeace.org )

These 11-11-11 events are similar to those of the August 16th’ 1987 “Harmonic Convergence” global events that were inspired by the new awareness of the Mayan Calendar, and seen as a heart-activating, transforming influx of Divine Feminine energy anchoring into the planet. Both events share the theme of humanity’s attunement to our divine essence and higher consciousness. These 11-11-11 global events will again harness the focused attention and vision of humanity towards imagining and feeling the reality of a New Earth of unity, joy and peace. I recommend this online 11-11-11http://www.evolutionaryleaders.net/ Evolutionary Leaders” event. The Full Moon occurring simultaneously will amplify our intentions!

For Pittsburghers reading this, our local “Peaceburgh”  11-11-11 event information can be accessed  athttp://www.2012pittsburgh.com/emailfriends.htm  (Please come!) If you cannot access a  local or online 11-11 event, you can simply meditate on your own (for 11 minutes at 11:11 am), feeling your awareness connecting with millions worldwide who are joining you in feeling the emergence of humanity claiming our divine essence and choosing to co-create a  world of unity, love, peace, sharing and joy. Just FEEL the change you want to see in the world, to paraphrase Gandhi!

The 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace group, completing their year-long walk for peace, is hosting an 11-11-11 celebration in Atlanta, GA. They are honoring several peacemakers who inspired them on their walk—and five of us Peaceburghers are among them! (www.13moonwalk4peace.com )

Message from the Sacred White Buffalo:

 The amazing thing for me as I witness and participate in this Shift process, is that it is not simply a human-generated consciousness-shift. I have personally experienced that the animals, Nature Spirits, and Gaia Mother Earth herself are all co-creating this Shift with us, plus much help from the unseen dimensions  (Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings). We are truly One with all of Creation.

In my last newsletter, “Got Joy?”,  I shared with you the song-message given to me from the Nature Spirits showing their involvement with us: “Come weave a web with me/A rainbow web of harmony…”. ( Find the lyrics to their song-messagehere ). I have also received a song-message from the Sacred White Buffalo, “Lightning,” born here in Western PA. Lightning is recognized by Indigenous peoples as a prophetic sign to choose unity–now.

Those of you who know me know that I am not a songwriter, poet or singer. These messages are arriving as fully downloaded song-messages. Go figure! I am moved and honored!

Below is Lightning’s song-message that I received in meditation, as I asked for guidance for what my next focus should be in the service of bringing forth this New Earth of unity and joy….Lightning’s message answers with what it FEELS like to live in this New Earth!

My brother, Ron Hanchin was so moved by the message that he went to his Indigenous Bonsuri Indian flute, tuned in to Lightning’s words, and an inspired melody poured through! This video shares the story and includes footage of Lightning and his message with the flute melody (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp2dHSi7_SY) As I leave you with Lightning’s song-message, remember the truth that “We Are the Ones We Have been Waiting For”….Every person holds a unique piece of the puzzle for contributing to this transformed world of greater good. So… keep choosing unity! Why not create Heaven on Earth?

Message from the Sacred White Buffalo, “Lightning”

© Victoria Hanchin 11-2010


Indigenous Soul: Original, Whole

Seeing with Sacred Eyes

Life’s interconnection, speaking as Blessing

Divinity realized.

In a Sacred way, creative as play

Offering our self-expressions

As gifts freely given, joyously living

Abundance the lesson.

A new way to listen: Oneness the mission

Listening to Creation:

Animals, stones, trees, rivers and bones

Honoring All Our Relations.

Releasing the lies of shallow eyes,

Beholding each other’s beauty.

Freed from the chatter, speaking what matters:

Heart, Soul, Community.

No more separation, now co-creation.

Relating essence-to-essence.

Original Blessing: joy, peace and sharing.

A New Earth expressing Love’s presence.


In Unity and Joy of the New Earth,

Victoria Hanchin,


Written by
Victoria (Vikki) Hanchin, LCSW