Helping Each Other Repair Our Brains from Excessive Stress (Part 2)
A quick stress scale and Six tools for repairing your brain, that are “socially contagious” to benefit others

October 21, 2021

Here is the good news: You can learn to repair your brain from the damaging effects of excessive stress, shift out of survival mode, and access higher brain states on purpose. This will help you deal ongoing with multiple stress sources such as the COVID pandemic, relational stress, upsetting news about social stress and unrest, political stress, global stress and terrorism, climate anxiety the challenges of the climate crisis. And it will help you appreciate the goodness in life more. "Helping Each Other Repair Our Brains from Excessive Stress," demonstrates 6 tools for daily self-directed brain repair, that are also "socially contagious" and beneficial to those around you.

This video is a recording of a live workshop presented by Victoria Hanchin, LCSW, to the Summerset at Frick community. It is based on Victoria’s research and experience. She has 30+ years background as a Wholistic Psychotherapist, and has a long-time passion for integrating brain neuro-science and quantum physics with ancient wisdom traditions.

The video was produced by Summerset neighbor Pauline Greenlick. Thank you so much, Pauline!! Victoria is grateful to the Summerset community for the opportunity to be your first speaker.

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