• Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

    For information on the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and to learn more about and purchase the 13 Grandmother's movie documentary:
  • Nance Stewart and Frank Keller

    Their website, shares a rich depth of spiritual and ancient information, as well as a stunning photo gallery of crystals that transmits healing.
  • Lilan Laishley

    Learn from Lilan, a highly trained astrologer, on her beautiful website, and sign up there for her beautiful and informative blog.
  • Heart of Pittsburgh

    Please visit the Heart of Pittsburgh for visionary videos, a current calendar of Peaceburgh Community of Unity events, and other cool stuff.
  • Sheila Collins

    Check out the "Noble Purpose" of  InterPlay and their various community activities. Visit Sheila Collins' website at  and check out her inspiring new book, "Warrior Mother: Fierce Love, Unbearable Loss, and Rituals That Heal".
  • Women Waking the World

    The mission of is to reclaim women's wisdom, values and influence in the service of all life. A portal for transformation through the collective energy of women, WWW offers a wealth of information, resources, videos, articles and a blog. Of note is its unique Waking Up Workbook.
For information on Vikki’s private practice, go to