The Oneness Prayer/Meditation

September 11-25, 2009

"We now open our hearts to the unity and interconnectedness of all people.  This unity transcends beliefs systems and political polarities.  We affirm the inherent divinity within every individual, and that We Are All One -- one planet, one world, one body of humanity, one Spirit.  We support and encourage peaceful, creative collaboration at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh and in interactions large and small everywhere.  We hold the vision that everyone is heard and no one is hurt. 

With conscious intention in prayer and meditation, we connect in love and embrace all people in heart, mind and spirit, creating a wave of uplifting energy that radiates across the planet.  We envision citizens and leaders from all countries opening to their innate wisdom and awakening new pathways for global peace, prosperity, and sustainability.  In deep gratitude, love and peace, we honor the truth of our divinity.  And so it is."