A Wisdom Message Video for You

The Story of this Wisdom Message

Magic Happens.

Victoria Hanchin © January 11, 2014


It is true. Magic Happens.

And when it arrives, it lights us up. Even, sometimes, when we don’t “believe” in it.

We are in fact, wired for en-light-enment.

Our bodily wiring tingles, bubbles, expands and sings in the presence of greater truth. Knowing this, I offer you my most recent experience of “magic” with the back-story and text of the extraordinary wisdom message I recently received in meditation, 

“I AM the grace beyond striving.”

Even as I attempt to tell you the story behind the wisdom message and share the text of it with you here, two things are clear:

1)  This message carries within it an energy that assures its own dissemination.

Folks who hear it immediately ask for a copy, and are inspired to share it as soon as they get it. They want to know the story behind it. Offers keep arising for how to get the message “out there” bigger.

2) This message is indeed unstoppable because it is activating human “Remembering” of our wholeness and co-creative divinity at the exact right timing in humanity’s conscious evolutionary process.



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We will do our best to fulfill requests for the hand printed frameable prints of this wisdom message  beyond the initial printing of 144.  

Yes, dear friends, it is time to “Remember who you really are,” as the seemingly prophetic children’s movie “Lion King” declared for us all, before most of us even knew what the Mayan Calendar and conscious evolution were.

So, here is the magic behind the wisdom message-- my story of how it arrived for us:

 As many of you know from reading my true story The Seer and The Sayer I have learned to pay deep attention to synchronicities and inner guidance, to follow the “trail of guidance” listening for “what wants to happen” in service to a more beautiful world. This process itself feels magical, intimate, and revelatory. I highly recommend it.

At the summer solstice of 2013, I accepted an invitation to return to the ancient sacred site of the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio. While at the Serpent, I was guided to do ceremony at the dolmen stone down below the head of the Serpent effigy. I walked to the path below, bringing with me the sacred ceremonial objects of the jadeite skull from the Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo, a 13’’inch long obsidian spear-head, a carved ball of serpents (called a “glain”), and my three personally hand-crafted beaded serpents. After I did the ceremony that I was prompted to do there, I returned home to Pittsburgh, PA, aka Peaceburgh.

Back in Peaceburgh, I followed the practice I have of “finishing” any ceremony I do at the Serpent Mound by repeating a version of it at my personal sacred site,  at my Power Tree situated next to a pyramid in the historic local cemetery here. (This practice cultivates the link-up between these two personally significant sacred sites for me.)

Once I arrived, I saw that the ground was too muddy under my Tree to set the altar on the ground, as I would usually do. So without hesitation, I simply sat on the nearby Celtic Cross marker, and created the altar in my lap. The same sacreds I used at the Serpent Mound I now placed on my seated body: the skull, the obsidian spear-head propped upright from my lap to my throat, etc. I opened sacred space, calling in my Higher Self, my guides and the 7 sacred directions (S-W-N-E plus “Above,” “Below” and “Within”). Then I settled in for sacred listening, asking,

 “What do you want me to pay attention to now, Beloved Mother?

Immediately and quite clearly I received the wisdom message, and I transcribed it as it arrived. (I also have learned to always have a notebook and pen with me!)

I was stunned by the clarity and potency of what I heard coming in. I was moved to tears of Truth and gratitude:  

I AM the grace beyond striving.I AM the flow of miracles.I AM the original memory of Wholeness.I AM Beauty, expressed in infinite variety, unceasing.I AM the Song of Creation.I AM the union of Lover and BelovedI AM the Holy Child, emerging awakened.I AM the unstoppable eruption of the Life Force, transforming.I AM THAT, I AM.I AM One.

 I made a mental note to employ in the future the practice of using my body as the actual ceremonial altar! What an extraordinary download had resulted from that practice.

Then a light clicked on for me. Why should I be so stunned by what had happened?  I realized that in my previous newsletters for Whole Person Whole Planet, and with my friends, I had spoken of myself and other spiritually awake beings as “living altars.” I had written about humans being sort of like the military MASH units but with a spiritual purpose. Instead of Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals, we were now Mobile Ascending Spiritual Humans, operating as traveling transmitting-and-receiving stations for Source.

Fast-forward to all the offers of help to get the wisdom message out in a big way:

Friends began sharing the message. One of them, Grandmother Dona (the Mohawk-lineage Grandmother from my story, The Seer and The Sayer) shared the Wisdom Message in her “Higher Consciousness” class in Ohio. The whole class, including the teacher, wanted a copy of the message. The class teacher, KA Azyndar promptly asked my permission to arrange for his friend to make available for order a beautiful printed edition of the Wisdom Message, printed on a one-hundred year-old printing press.

It turns out KA’s friend is the internationally known Mayan Calendar researcher and author, John Major Jenkins, whose passion is finding worthy projects for his antique printing press! I was moved that this great scholar of the Mayan Calendar, whose material had helped guide my own understanding and writings about the process of the Shift of the Ages, was now a part of disseminating this extraordinary message.

KA and I spent time in collaborative guidance, discerning how to create the printed version in a sacred manner. In the midst of that process, my friend and Wholistic Healer Lisa LeRose offered to create with me a You Tube version of the message. “This message MUST get out into cyber–space to reach as many people as possible!” she declared. And she stepped in to do that.

Another friend and sacred chant maker, Gail Ransom asked for permission to set the message to music. As if in confirmation of that idea, I synchronistically stumbled onto research from neuroscientist Andrew Newburg confirming that when you sing your sacred words, not just pray them, it enhances memory and adds new structural connections in the brain that expand language skills.

As several of us put our energy into getting this wisdom message “out there,”  many other synchronicites and much guidance arrived so that the original message is now, as you receive it, deeply embedded and thoroughly infused with the most highly aligned frequencies of sacred numerology, sacred geometry, and other patterns of cosmic “good juju” (as I am fond of calling it.)

I summarize that amazing influx of added good juju here, for your deepening wonder, gratitude and blessing:

 Sacred numerology abounds.

  • The frameable print of the message is on a 12X12 white page. Twelve is the sacred numerology ruling space and time (12 planets, 12 astrological signs, 12 months/hours) and represents complete cycles. It also represents higher order (the 12 Apostles), and wholeness.
  • The printed message is within a beautiful 11X11 border. Eleven is the sacred numerology representing the union of divinity with humanity.
  • The longest line of the message is 7 inches. Seven is considered the number of spirituality.
  • The first edition printing is for 144 prints, or 12 times 12, amplifying that energy.
  • The message’s You Tube launch-date and time is 1-11-2014, at 11:01 am. The sacred numerology of ones and eleven is repeated, and it turns out that the actual numerology of the date reduces to the number One. One represents the oneness of all Life as interconnected in unity. This is what we are remembering.
  • The (unintended) duration of the You Tube video itself is 2 minutes and 26 seconds. These numbers add up to one (2+2+6= 10; 1+0= 1). More Oneness energy.

The sacred geometry of Flower of Life has been infused into the message itself through intention and ceremony. The Flower of Life pattern is known in many ancient and continuing spiritual traditions as the template from which all life manifests. It contains the design of every atom, molecular structure and life –form. It holds the basic Blueprint of Life.

The cosmic good juju joins in: Two massive X class solar flares occurred during one of the days that Lisa, KA and I were working in collaboration on the project. The Mayan glyph for that day was “13 Lamat,” which represents the sacred feminine, the planet Venus, and abundance. The Mayan Calendar glyph for January 11, 2014 (the wisdom message’s “cyber” release date), is “13 Cimi” which represents the energy of death/rebirth, ancient wisdom, and the gift of prophecy. The number tone of these day glyphs, 13, adds even more of the energies of the sacred feminine through that number. More cosmic benefit arrives on this date, as the planet Venus conjuncts the Sun, again emphasizing the sacred feminine, and aligning the sacred feminine with the sacred masculine. January 11 also occurs in sa waxing Moon phase, supporting growth and abundance. (Full Moon of January is the 15th.)

Be sure to view the breathtaking video presentation of “I AM the grace beyond striving” shown above hosted at the Ecstatic Earth YouTube channel.

Those of you who want a personal copy of the wisdom message infused with these beneficial energies may request one through my website’s store. We will continue printing beyond the first edition of 144 prints as long as possible. Prints will be hand-signed by myself and John Major Jenkins.

Blessings to you on this shared epic Journey into Oneness…and keep watching for the magic in the midst of the mess!

In Lak’Esh, (I am another yourself),

Victoria Hanchin

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